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What’s New !!!

THere are a couple of great projects that are coming up.

“Bingo Caller Pro” is a new app that will take the place of a bingo caller. Now everyone can play bingo at your parties or church function. This app takes care of all the calling. plug your speakers into your iphone/ipad/ipad. “Bingo Caller Pro” does the rest! This app is in the final stages and will be coming soon!

“Harriet Lane: First Lady of the White House” is a new eBook released on the iPad. This is the biography of Harriet Lane, niece of president james buchanan. President Buchanan was never married. His niece, harriet Lane, served as First Lady during his presidency. This eBook is 50 pages long and is designed for young teens. It has been submitted to Apple and is waiting for their approval.

   Great apps for your: